Yverdon les Bains, Parc des Rives, Switzerland

The Parc des Rives was once a marshy area, often flooded. After the level of the lake it borders was stabilized by engineering works, this stretch of land was reclaimed. To this end, two canals were excavated at either end of the park.

The design of Localarchitecture, in association with landscape design agency Paysagestion, adds a promenade alongside these canals, highlighting the boundaries of the park by deliberately clearing a vast void in the centre.

For the construction of nine pavilions that dot the promenade, the architects drew inspiration from various historical processes of timber production.

Made entirely of braced planks of wood, the pavilions are constructed according to the post and beam principle. Each one has two load-bearing walls of different heights connected by a sloping roof. They are disposed thematically around the park in a way that underscores their different functions: toilets, music kiosk, picnic table, refreshment stall, pedal-boat rental and meditation.

Project Credits
Architect: Localarchitecture
Collaborator: Paysagestion