Vondel Park, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

A challenging playground suitable for all ages was one of the key-elements missing in the renovated Vondelpark. At the same time, the Vondelpark should keep sufficient undefined open space to meet the growing intensive use and offering enough capacity to all users. No open space could be taken for another playground For this juxtaposition we used 2 ideas: imbed the playground in little used wooded space, and raise the playground above the grounds. This resulted in a highly challenging 75 meter long canopy walk. Right above a junction of pathways.

During summertime the canopy walk is hardly visible, disappearing between the leaves. There are different challenging ways to reach the path, climbing platforms, ropes, netting and treetrunks. The very transparant netting in the
canopy walk, meters above ground-level, makes children and adult experience height intensively.

Addition of safetysurfacing has been minimized, only at both ends of the walkway wood chips have been used. In future summers the trees will completely overgrow the walkway, turning the raised walkway into a secret place in the urban setting of the Vondelpark.

Project Credits
Designer: Carve
Image Credits: Carve Landscape Architects