The Pulse Park, Arhus, Denmark

Kildebjerg Ry is a very popular residential area for families mainly because of the beautiful surrounding countryside that lends itself to a wide variety of outdoor activities. Since the community wanted to expand this attractive system of leisure and sports facilities, CEBRA was asked to design three publicly accessible and innovative activity zones - each aiming at a different type of activity. The aim of the project was to create optimal conditions for physical activity and play, which form an integral part of the landscape, the area’s additional leisure activities and the residential area itself.

The Pulse Zone is a literal bulge on the existing paths as it prompts horizontal movement and primarily addresses runners, skaters and mountain bikers, who use the network of paths and tracks around Kildebjerg Ry for exercise. The Pulse Zone’ asphalt track flows into the zone’s centre area in the form of hills, bulges and bowls that incite to obstacle races and artistic exercises.

The Play Zone invites to both play and physical exercise in a forest of different functions that relate to organised as well as freestyle activities. This forest is made up from three concentric circles. The centre is primarily for play, climbing and exercise in large tree-like elements. The intermediate circle is for outdoor fitness and offers a series of primitive versions of well-known training devices. The outermost circle consists of a recreational zone for social activities and gives room for meeting, relaxing, picnicking etc. close to a fire place.

The third zone complements these active zones and provides a more contemplative space: The Zen Zone is all about relaxation and activating all your senses. The zone provides a green and quiet environment for activities like yoga, Pilates and meditation, partly shielded under trellises. It is placed on an artificial island in a small lake, which is surrounded by a garden that stimulates and changes the sensory perception as you move through the zone.

Project Credits
Designer: CEBRA
Images courtesy of: Mikkel Frost