Miljacka River, Sarajevo, Herzegovina

Called Festina Lente, which in Latin means "make haste, slowly", the looping bridge spans 38 metres over the Miljacka river and loops-the-loop in the middle to create a shelter with two seats.

Its form is unique, simple and attractive and because of the unexpected loop in the centre, triggers a series of associations, including that of a gate. In tradition, entrances in the cities have always been marked by gates.

Around the bridge are different styles of facilities and two benches which are completely different, one covered with grass and another built from stone, which we decided on for visual contrast. On the bridge are two benches in covered sections, so it's a place of meeting and interacting. White LED lights light the bridge.

Project Credits
Designers: Adnan Alagić, Bojan Kanlić, Amila Hrustić