Póvoa de Santa Iria, Portugal

Lisbon firm Topiaris Landscape Architecture has extended a 700-metre long timber walkway through wild riverside scrubland to connect a new Portuguese public park with a bird observatory.

The 15-hectare Tagus Linear Park was designed by Topiaris Landscape Architecture for the riverside city of Póvoa de Santa Iria, off the south-west coast of Portugal, and offers outdoor activities including fishing and wildlife watching.

The main park space, called Fisherman's Beach, provides spaces for beachside volleyball and exercise classes. Largely covered with sand, this space is divided up by a grid of flagstone pathways and interspersed with a variety of native plants and trees.

A 700-metre-long timber walkway stretches along the river's edge to connect the park with the bird hide, suspended over a series of twisting streams.

This also connects with a six-kilometre network of pedestrian trails and dirt tracks, which nestle into the landscape and are bordered by cylindrical wooden stumps.

Project Credits
Architect: Topiaris Landscape Architecture

Images courtesy of: Joao Morgado