Pont De Saint, Barthelémy Epinassey, Switzerland

This beautiful design takes the familiar alpine language of roadside marker poles, highly important in snowy conditions, and makes them a visual feature with a strong and enjoyable character that expresses contrasting architectural qualities of solidity and transparency, depending on the viewpoint.

The tubular steel structure offers a visual complexity which will be enjoyed by users approaching from each side of the valley. Outboard of the highway parapet a vertical series of brightly-coloured FRP poles, mounted to the outside of the precast concrete deck units, provides a pedestrian and cyclist enclosure.

A few key vantage points in the steep, narrow valley formed by the Torrent de Saint Barthelémy mean the new bridge will be clearly visible from above and below and so the design is considered as a truly three-dimensional object, beautiful in every orientation. The highway will sweep across the valley in an elegant curve – a simple yet dramatic human intervention in an otherwise unspoiled landscape – carried on a single fabricated steel arch spanning between insitu concrete abutments.

Project Credits
Architect: Knight Architects
Engineer: Setec TPI