'Nishi Rokugo 'Tyre park', Tokyo, Japan

A visit to Tire Park is an experience like no other in Tokyo. In the park there are hundreds of tyres in every shape and size imaginable, and they are used in the most creative ways. Some are sculpted into robots or dragons, and there are tunnels and mountains that are perfect for climbing. This park boasts the best swings for parenst and babies to swing in together; Big, comfortable tire swings that accommodate adults of every shape and size.

Nishi Rokugo Koen is a much loved vintage playground, located between central Tokyo and Kawasaki. The quirky Godzilla, spaceship and robot sculptures placed throughout the site truly capture the creative spirit that inspired this unusual and innovative playground.

With over 3,000 tires of varying sizes on site; some in the form of play structures, and others lying about to be used as loose parts by children and their parents, this playground lends itself to a multi-generational play experience. The massive concrete slide in the background is big enough to accommodate chains of children at least 20 wide who want to descend the slide clasped hand-in-hand.

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Image Credits: Alamy