Myers Park, Auckland, NZ

Designed to a theme of “play in the backyard”, Myers Park Playspace is a rambling sculptural garden of magnified scale. Under an abstract canopy of bright and colourful disc-shaped flowers kids can swing, crawl and climb through a network of sprawling pumpkin vines and large permeable leaves, roll marbles down a tendril, slide through a large kamokamo eaten by a caterpillar, or clamber over giant garden birds and insects with moving parts.

The play experience needed to cater to a wide ranging audience of visitors and daily users (including Myers Kindergarden and Kadimah School), and balance physical activity with imaginative play and social interaction. Traditional play elements such as swings and slides are mixed with sculptural, interactive and quirky features. Within the compact site, every surface is textured and playable, including walls, edges, decks and paths.

The park has attracted continuous streams of children since opening, caregivers sit comfortably chatting and observing children for several hours, adults engage in play with children, and the space absorbs a whole school of energetic children at one time.

Project Credits
Designer: Isthmus
Images courtesy of: Isthmus