Minghu Wetland Park, Shuicheng River, Liupanshui City

In 2009, Turenscape was commissioned by the Liupanshui Municipal Government to working on the planning and design of the ecological security patterns and ecological infrastructure, and the ecological restoration and landscape renovation of Shuicheng River. Utilizing landscape approaches at both macro and micro scales, the designers have been able to revitalize and upgrade the ecological, recreational and social value of the Mother River.

At the micro scale, the design approach focused on each specific sections of the river according to the general goal of the master plan. Phase one of this project covers an area of 31.2 hectares, which includes ecological restoration of the channelized river, as well as the creation of Minghu Wetland Park. The designers took advantage of the 15 to 20-meter wide greenway and the elevation change along the river, creating a terraced riverfront landscape, realized the ecological restoration. In terms of the design of the wetland park, the designer utilized the topographical feature on site as well as the existing fishponds system, creating a terraced wetland system for water purification, especially collecting, controlling as well as purifying the streams coming down the mountainous area. Moreover, across the wetland, a pedestrian bridge named “Steel Rainbow” was created as a landmark to manifest the city’s long history as an important industrial base for coal and steel production in southwest China.

Lastly, the design advocates the beauty of weeds and low carbon landscape. Native species, which requires low maintenance, are extensively used on site. With beautiful wildflower field and the revitalized Mother River of Liupanshui City, the project exemplified how to harmonize the relationship between human and nature in a new era.

Project Credits
Architect: Turenscape
Images courtesy of: Turenscape