Architectural Association, Hooke Park, Dorset Campus UK

Students from London's Architectural Association have designed and built a lattice-framed shelter for seasoning timber at the school's Dorset campus, using short lengths of wood taken from neighbouring beech trees.

The students were tasked with utilising timber from 60-year-old beech trees at the Hooke Park woodland campus to create a shelter for drying wood that will be used in future building projects.

As part of the standard process of thinning the forest, some lower quality older trees were felled and the short planks that could be made from their trunks and branches became the raw material for the project.

The students designed a framework with a twisting hexagonal pattern that enabled the two-metre planks to be combined to form a continuous canopy.

Rising to form a vertical wall at one end, the structure transitions into a flat roof that twists through 90 degrees before descending to touch the ground at the other end.

Sections of the roof were constructed in a faceted shed previously built at the campus by AA Design & Make students using tree trunks and larch cladding from the forest. The components were then craned into place and joined together to complete the framework.

Project Credits
Architect: Students of London Architectural Association
Collaborator: Bath University – Engineering Department
Seen on: Dezeen