River Derwent, Glenorchy, Tasmania

Along the River Derwent in Glenorchy, Tasmania, Room 11 has built a three kilometre long colourfully calibrated public walkway which skilfully links previously marginalised, but surprisingly beautiful sections of foreshore.

Named GASP!, an acronym of Glenorchy Art and Sculpture Park, the project was conceived as a community park that combines an arts programme with a play space for young children.

Stage one constituted of a gently arching walkway made up of three boardwalks, which bridge between headlands along the southern edge of the river.

Wooden slats form the surfaces of the walkways, while more timber balustrades have been painted in vivid colours to create striped patterns.

The staged project was the result of a limited design competition in 2010.

Materials: Timber, stainless steel, concrete, glass & paint

Project Credits
Architect: Room 11
Client: Glenorchy City Council
Funding: Australian Government, Tasmanian State Government, Glenorchy City Council

Images courtesy of: Ben Hosking