Frew Park Arena, Brisbane, Australia

The Arena Play Structure at Brisbane City Council’s newly developed Frew Park, has been designed with its complex architectural structure, unique in form and of monumental scale placed at the focus of the ‘play’ experience. Guymer Bailey Architects and The Play Works originally won the right to design and construct the project after developing a concept design for the Arena Play Structure that fit with Council’s budget, brief and its expectation for Frew Park as a modern centre for family recreation and their children’s enjoyment.

The theme of the Arena is ‘deconstruction’, in that memories of the iconic, former Milton tennis stadium remain for young visitors climbing all over, through, and around features such as large concrete panels of varying heights and angles, suspended concrete slabs, steel mesh tunnels and barriers, and angular folded roof canopies, which are arranged in an arc to enclose a central lawn space.

Project Credits
Architect: Guymer Bailey Architects
Image Credits: Scott Burrows Photography