Chelsea St Playspace, Sydney, Australia

Chelsea Street Playground is a communal backyard for a dense urban community in Redfern, Sydney. At 1045 square metres, it is about the size of many outer suburban backyards, and accommodates the same functions, but for many families at once. It is a communal play area, barbeque, veggie patch, dog lawn, and the place to have friends over for events and parties.

Design responds to the urban context in form, scale, material language and density of activity. A cluster of small structures plays on the form of surrounding terrace houses, creating hybrid forms of a cubby, or Wendy house to provide shade, shelter and places for group and individual play.

The playground has proved to be extremely popular with the local community – all ages and groups meet here to play and socialise.

Project Credits
Architect: Jane Irwin Landscape Architecture
Image Credits: Simon Wood Photography