Belleville Park, Paris, France

The design project follows a consultation process carried out by CODEJ [Committee for
the development of recreation areas] in 2003. Children and adult workshops (oral, written and graphic expressions) made it possible to fine-tune the wishes of the populations concerned and identify the project’s design objectives. Our work then consisted in synthetising and interpreting the public’s expectations to provide a spatial response both truthful and original. Free-flowing and powerful, the children’s imaginary does not need explicit decors to strive.

We will take our inspiration from a game as spontaneous as interminable, played in groups by children of all ages: the playhouse. The playhouse can be designed
in several versions: tree-dwelling, troglodyte, forest, etc. There is also an urban, interior and minimal version which works just as well: it is the Sunday afternoon playhouse, built from scratch in the bedroom with a mattress and its support, a chair, broom sticks and stretched bath towels. Successively a boat, a hanging or a medieval castle, it suits all interpretations and abstractions: it is intelligent. In this perspective, we tried to confuse matters by overlaying various possible evocations: mountain landscape, building site, flying carpet, machicolation, medieval fortifications, pirate ship rails, etc.

Project Credits
Architect: BASE Landscape Architecture
Image Credits: BASE Landscape Architecture