River Thames, London

British artist Alex Chinneck has revealed a 35-metre-tall latticed steel sculpture resembling an upside-down electricity pylon for this year's London Design Festival.

Named A Bullet From A Shooting Star, the semi-permanent installation by London-based sculptor Alex Chinneck takes its cues from the industrial structures around the River Thames in London. The huge structure leans at an angle and is designed to look like its been shot into the earth.

Its positioning on the edge of the River Thames in Greenwich means the sculpture sits against a backdrop of London's iconic Millennium Dome and the remains of the latticed towers that once formed Europe's largest gas-works.

"Like all my work it was a contextual response," said Chinneck. "The backdrop is incredible, it has this visual material language of latticed steel, and that latticed steel and language of cables which is also on the [Millennium dome] and the leaning steel elements."

"It has this rich history of power generation and supply and so it was thinking about the latticed steel and this history that led to me to electricity pylons," he added.

Project Credits
Artist: Alex Chinneck
Seen on: Dezeen