Standing on the Webb Point Observation Deck gives the viewer a unique perspective of the city of Melbourne and its role as a great port city. Part of the Port of Melbourne’s $1.6 billion redevelopment project, the Observation Deck not only provides a great view, it also brings together outstanding design and exemplary engineering. In fact, from a distance, the Platform looks like a plane ready to take off over Hobson’s Bay.

Fleetwood Urban worked closely with Cox Architecture and the BMD Group, who were responsible for managing the $80 million plus improvement of a large portion of Webb Dock expansion.

For us and every other stakeholder, the project was unique. It was one of the most intricate and complex geometrically challenging projects our team has ever worked on. A total of 12,500 hours alone went into the manufacture and installation of the project, whilst the final detailing took in excess of 1,200 design hours.

The Webb Point Observation Platform project consisted of three parts: a 14 metre high tower with an elevated view of Port Phillip Bay, a 6 metre high outlook deck and an approach boardwalk that leads to the platform.

Fleetwood was engaged to provide detailed documentation of the structure, manufacture the components and install these elements of the project. We employed a variety of materials including corten steel, balustrade panels, expanded mesh steel cladding, spotted gum timber decking, concrete foundations, a galvanised steel structure and handrails, and LED Lighting. Steel profiled cladding was utilised on the tower structure to prevent visibility of the port premises.

During the site preparation phase, we firstly excavated the ground to prepare for the foundations. We then erected steep ramps and installed the four pre-assembled tower modules. To save time on site, we pre-clad as much as possible, then arranged to lift the towers easily into place. Use of bolt splice connectors also saved erection time.

Fleetwood were pleased to provide our expertise on a project that we’re sure will become a popular destination and new Melbourne city landmark.