The old timber bridge spanning Tumbi Creek at Berkeley Vale on the NSW Central Coast had had its day. No longer compliant with the latest safety codes or with substantial environmental requirements, Wyong Shire Council looked to Fleetwood for a cost efficient and attractive solution.

The bridge was a critical link in the shared path network along the Tuggerah Lake foreshore and provided significant amenity for Berkeley Vale residents and the wider community. Given the substantial distance across the creek, a cable stayed bridge was the obvious solution and we recommended our Stirling™ Cable Stayed Pedestrian Bridge design.

Measuring 50 metres in length and 3.5 metres width, the impressive new steel structure was completely designed, manufactured and installed by Fleetwood Urban. Employing our DesignExecute® approach, we ensured a successful collaboration between the client and our team who were responsible throughout the process.

Mindful of the delicate nature of the local ecology of the soil, the surrounding marshes and foreshore, the footbridge was installed without excavation, using driven piles. By not excavating, no potential acid sulphate soils were created, and therefore none had to be treated or disposed of.

A smooth, 24-hour installation process using a 250 tonne crane was facilitated by the assembly of all bridge components off-site in our factory. This quick process minimised any damage to the sensitive site ecology. Fleetwood Urban was also responsible for the approaching boardwalks, balustrade, sandstone rock walls and landscaping works.

Having developed and installed the Stirling™ Cable Stayed Pedestrian Bridge many times, we were confident we could deliver an attractively designed yet robust structure. Better still, not only was the Council delighted with the look of the final product, the bridge’s lower ongoing maintenance costs meant a further payoff for the client.