Well known as one of Australia’s fastest growing new residential communities, The Ponds offers a uniquely active lifestyle for residents. It includes 80 hectares of magnificent nature corridor, a network of feature ponds, parks, gardens, reserves and sporting fields, and more than four kilometres of walking tracks and cycleways.

Fleetwood has been involved in The Ponds from the very early stages of planning. We’ve executed a wide range of large and very important landscape structure elements, including shelters, bridges, viewing decks, boardwalks and public artworks.

Importantly, we’ve been a collaborative partner throughout, contributing at every stage, from planning right through construction documentation and then delivery itself.

Among the more prominent of our projects have been The Float, The Dragonfly Wall, The Moon Wall and all of the estate’s cycleway bridges.

The Float was an artist’s intricate vision, and our introduction to The Ponds. We worked with the artists to bring their sketch designs to fruition, then installed the footings, fabricated the structures, and cut and installed the stainless mesh. Once we were done, we collaborated with the lighting provider to ensure the project was completed in time for the grand opening of that particular sector of The Ponds development.

Equally distinctive was the Dragonfly Wall, an art mural affixed to the feature wall of The Ponds’ water quality management system. Working from architectural drawings, we created a CAD design, then used a laser cutter on Coreten steel to cut out the mural’s swarm of dragonflies. We then installed the steel sheets 10mm off the wall to create a shadow line and to prevent staining on the concrete as the Coreten steel rusted (by design).

At the opposite end of the spectrum from the intricacies of feature art were the development’s 9 large-scale pedestrian and cycleway bridges. After being provided with the landscape architect’s design for the bridges at DA stage of the project, we provided the certified drawings for Construction Approval stage, then carried out all works – from site set-out, piers and installation of the structures.

Thanks to our structured Project Team approach and our ability to forge strong relationships, Fleetwood has successfully collaborated with an extensive range of consultants at The Ponds, over more than six years. Time and again, we’ve helped the client prepare achievable project budgets very early in the process, then gone on to complete those projects smoothly and within budget.

The Ponds project featured in our TVC - Naturally Inspired™ The Photographer.