The New Rouse Hill is a premium residential development in Sydney’s outer west. A fully master planned Lend Lease development, it has won numerous awards for its planning strategy and community benefits.

It features 32 hectares of green open space, more than five kilometres of walking and cycling trails, and a variety of neighbourhood parks and playgrounds with BBQ facilities. In fact, the developer’s vision was always that every home in the estate would be no more than a three-minute walk from an open space.

Given the importance of the development’s community elements, Lend Lease engaged Fleetwood to collaborate on their design and construction. Specifically, we were responsible for the Ironbark Ridge Shelters and Amenities, the Melaleuca Park Picnic Shelter, the Mungerie Park Arbour and parts of the Water Quality Ponds infrastructure.

The first of these elements was the Ironbark Ridge Shelters and Amenities. Located in the development’s principle amenities precinct, they’re constructed using a structural steel framework, painted plywood cladding, hardwood elements and Colorbond roofing.

The Melaleuca Park Picnic Shelter design was based on the Ironbark Ridge shelter, including the hardwood timber cladding to posts and painted plywood soffit lining. But it boasted one unique feature: Fabricated stainless steel guttering and downpipes.

Situated just near Mungerie House, a historic part of Rouse Hill which has been preserved as a heritage icon, the Mungerie Park Arbour features a pergola made from steel and painted with micaceous iron oxide, as well as Australian Spotted Gum timbers.
Interestingly, it also features a series of ‘music posts’ - hollow steel posts with chimes inserted, each designed to play a different note when struck.

For each of these components, we took the architect’s drawings and translated them into detailed engineer’s drawings, then manufactured and installed the shelters and amenities on-site.

A $350,000 contract, The New Rouse Hill project was one of many in a longstanding successful working relationship with Lend Lease.