This Entry Feature was created using recycled sleepers from the areas dismantled warehouse, previously operated by the Australian Defence Force.

The Artwork was designed by Milne+Stonehouse, and we were engaged to realise the design. The sleepers were worked on by our carpenters, using a variety of equipment including chainsaws. The detailing was precise and thus required skill and control by the operator so that the valuable recycled sleepers were not damaged. The existing bolts and nails within the poles had to be carefully worked around. We created slots for the Coreten art panels and the sleepers also had coloured strips of steel embedded into them. We needed to create the rebates for these.

The installation process, carried out by our team, required great care due to the fragility of the artwork panels.

This project is an excellent example of how rudimentary tools like chainsaws, drills and planes can be used with skill to create a precise work of art.