Nestled in Sydney Harbour National Park is the historic St Patrick’s Estate, Manly. The construction of new stairs, boardwalks and a viewing deck on this site required specialised design and construct techniques to minimise the impact on the environment, and gain the approval of the National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS).

Fleetwood Urban, in conjunction with Landscape Architect, Manyo Design, used technology to brief the client and communicate the concepts. Using walk-through imagery, created in 3D rendered imaging software, Lend Lease and the NPWS could see how the DesignExecute™ project would be managed.

To minimise damage to this protected environment we were able to use our Waterside™ system. It was a major selling point on this project as it requires minimal ground works and meets NPWS pre-qualification requirements. The galvanised steel frames were constructed off-site and transported to site for assembly. Vasey™ Access Stairs were used to minimise damage to the natural surroundings during the fixing stage, ensuring construction was completed without harming the environment.

The beauty of this iconic site, combined with the harsh coastal conditions, means the choice of materials is crucial to the projects long- term success. Timber and fibreglass decking on stairs, boardwalks and viewing decks blend in to the natural surroundings while being low maintenance, user-friendly and durable. Assembly of these components was completed on-site and they were placed on the steel frames with minimal damage to the protected grounds.

Fleetwood Urban is dedicated to intelligent design that takes into consideration all aspects of a challenging project. From historical landmarks to modern developments, we strive to create designs that remain beautiful, functional and practical, now and into the future.

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