Cyclists and pedestrians in the suburb of Cleveland, located east of Brisbane, enjoy a picturesque path across the Ross Canal, thanks to FLeetwoods Pedestrian + Cycleway Bridge.

Redland City Council awarded Fleetwood the contract after a competitive tender process that called for a bridge that was safe and attractive, but didn't restrict the water views for users.

After considering an underslung truss design, Council chose to proceed with one of Fleetwood’s most popular standard products, a steel girder Balmoral™ design, which was customised to suit the specifics of the site.

This project was managed by Fleetwood’s Queensland project team. The bridge was constructed from a combination of hot dipped galvanised steel, FRP hollow joists, steel screw piles, concrete pile caps and marine grade Modwood decking.

The bridge was assembled off-site in our extensive facilities and taken to location in two units that were connected on the ground and lifted into position by crane. This allowed the installation to be completed in just one day; it also ensured that pedestrian access was unhindered, and road closure was minimal.

The pathway is part of a larger Moreton Bay Cycleway project, which aims to connect 150kms of Brisbane coastline through cycle facilities. It was an excellent opportunity for Fleetwood to collaborate with Redland City Council on a project that has provided the local community with a safe and connected pathway through an idyllic section of their neighbourhood.