This is the signature Ropes Crossing structure, marking the main entry to the development from the south.

The Artwork was designed by the artists Milne+Stonehouse. We worked closely with them to engineer the structure based on their sketches and modeling, and enabled the whole Feature to be passed through relevant approvals.

The Artwork uses historical railway track taken off the site. This is in keeping with a key theme throughout Ropes Crossing; that is, to reflect and re-use the site’s history back into as many of the structures and developments as possible.

These tracks were selected by us, and taken back to our manufacturing facility to process. Special welding techniques had to be used due to the metal composition in the tracks. Once fabrication was complete, we transported the tracks back to site and installed them on trestles that had been individually detailed to the different angle of each track.

We worked with the landscape contractor who constructed the wall around the beams. We then completed the Feature by supplying and installing the Ropes Crossing sign, created in the correct format of the site’s logo using DXF files and laser cutting.