In 2003, Lend Lease commenced its transformation of Boral’s old administration headquarters site. What was originally a 110-hectare semi-industrial space was to become a prestigious 1,500-home residential community, at one of the highest points in Western Sydney.

Key to the development was its open space. 44 hectares of it, all told, including wetlands and lakes, walking and cycling trails, playgrounds and picnic nodes, public tennis courts, basketball courts, public lookouts and bush walking trails. Not to mention views of the Sydney skyline from the crest of the ridge.

Fleetwood won a $1 million dollar contract to design and construct a series of bridges and shelters that would give residents every opportunity to enjoy their surroundings. Specifically, we were responsible for two shared pedestrian bridges across the creek line, and three uniquely shaped shelters for the picnic areas.

One bridge was a 48-metre multi-span structure, and the other a 30-metre cable-stayed design. Both were built on concrete piers (drilled down six metres into stiff natural clay), and were supported at each end by large concrete abutments.

To minimise site-time and make best use of the client’s budget, we pre-fabricated the bridge in sections, which we then trucked to site, and craned into position.

As a team, this was our first engagement on a Lend Lease project, and the start of a strong working relationship. We handled all design and certification, from the footings through to the completed structures, and the project proved to be a great success.