Linear Park, like a large portion of the Ropes Crossing development, required designs that needed an absolute minimum of maintenance. The bridges were based on our standard Balmoral™ design, but because they were situated perpendicular to the path on one side they required one end to splay out.

We managed the design process, taking the bridges from a simple line on a Masterplan, right through the DA and CC stages. We managed the site works, excavating and pouring our footings then installing the bridges as pre-assembled units.

The installation required a road closure, partly closing off the main entry into Ropes Crossing. The traffic management was handled by our team.

A number of different materials were used in the manufacturing process of the shelter. The structural elements are predominantly hot dip galvanized steel, the feature column inserts are Australian Ironbark, the roof sheeting Colorbond™, and a signature bright orange gutter.