Port Macquarie is an iconic tourist location and Port Macquarie-Hastings Council wanted to ensure it was treated sensitively by developing a master plan for the beautiful foreshore.

Council needed a visually appealing shared pedestrian/cycleway bridge to provide pedestrians safe passage across Kooloonbung Creek. Fleetwood has a reputation for minimising environmental impact and maximising design and quality. These attributes, combined with our track record of working co-operatively with a third party, secured the design and construction contract.

Adopting a “partnering philosophy” we worked closely with the concept designers and Council to overcome design challenges. The strength of this co-operation produced a fast and cost-effective outcome and contributed to the success of the project.

A geometrically challenging cable-stay design was engineered and work began. Minimising inconvenience to the township and managing existing infrastructure was our priority. The Fleetwood team managed this by positioning the superstructure on the foundations by multiple cranes in one night. This efficient and professional effort minimised disruption to the public and maximised workplace safety.

The mild steel superstructure was fabricated in our workshops and painted off site using a project specific Marine Paint System. During this phase the pilings and footing were constructed on the foreshore. To cater for cyclists a seamless transition from shore to bridge was needed. We used tidal control strategies during construction and methods that were sympathetic to the long-term effects of the environment on the integrity of the structure. Galvanised fittings and pressure tested sealed enclosures provides extra protection from the coastal conditions.

Pre-assembly of five sections took place on-site. Once the components were assembled the tower, featuring unnoticeable jointing, was erected. The Fibre Reinforced Plastic Decking (micro-mesh) was inserted and the cables attached. Galvanised handrails, wiring and lighting were installed to complete the project.

According to Gary Randall, Group Manager Infrastructure Delivery at Port Macquarie-Hastings Council, “Fleetwood Urban successfully coordinated the design and construction of this complex project within a tight time constraint and to budget. They were very responsive to issues as they arose and had a very professional business manner. It is clear that Fleetwood value their brand and seek to ensure it is upheld in relation to reliability, quality and customer service.”