At Leichardt’s Hawthorne Canal Reserve, dogs and cyclists could never see eye to eye. Cyclists passing through the reserve on the bike path were constantly chased by dogs, and the local council had to find a solution.

They decided to build a cycle / pedestrian bridge downstream of the reserve, so that cyclists could bypass the reserve altogether, and pedal without fear of pursuit.

Following a competitive tender process, Fleetwood was engaged to design and construct the bridge. Given the beauty of the surrounding parkland, the bridge needed to be more than purely functional. It needed to look the part too, and Leichhardt Municipal Council was impressed by our track record of creating pleasing designs, not just manufacturing and constructing functional works.

In particular, they were taken with the clean lines and unassuming aesthetic of our standard Longreach™ bridge design. And because this was the design they ended up choosing, we were able to minimise unnecessary design costs and fast-track the entire process.

Structurally, it’s a truss bridge - 28 metres long (excluding the approach ramps), with a clear width of 3 metres. We constructed it offsite, using only galvanised steel components, then painted it with a marine grade coating system. We then constructed the foundations (driven steel piles with reinforced concrete pile caps and abutments) then transported the bridge in three sections.

After assembling it a few metres from its final location, we then craned into position, then completed the approach paths, retaining walls and handrails.

Happily, the canine-cyclist dispute is now resolved, and Council is very satisfied with the result.