A new pedestrian bridge has been constructed as part of Featherbrook Estate’s award-winning design. Fleetwood Urban is proud to have played a part in delivering this outstanding feature to the neighbourhood.

Featherbrook Estate, located in the burgeoning Melbourne suburb of Point Cook, is a stunning example of a modern residential development. Fleetwood worked in collaboration with development consultants Spiire – who managed the transformation of the site – to create a new footbridge that will make life easier for locals.

It was essential that the new bridge fit in aesthetically with the overall design developed by the site’s landscape architects. Fleetwood worked closely with the architects to visualise the bridge using computer-generated modelling to demonstrate the finished product.

By designing and building the bridge using Fleetwood’s DesignExecute™ methodology, the pedestrian bridge met the relevant Australian standards, is built using the correct materials for the location, economies of cost were gained by utilising standard bridge modules (Balmoral™) as a basis for the custom design, and most importantly, the project was looked after by one team throughout.

Our team assembled the Balmoral™ structure at our QA controlled manufacturing and assembly facility and then transported the bridge to the site, where it was installed within 1 day with minimal disturbance to the site.

Featherbrook Estate is a major addition to thriving community of Point Cook and will provide the area with more than 1300 new homes. At the heart of the Estate is the Featherbrook village, which is now a thriving community hub. It features the Brook Bistro, a café, a medical centre and pharmacy.

The village is also home to the Featherbrook Community Centre and Sports Pavilion which includes a kindergarten, play areas, community meeting spaces, maternal health care and weekly church services. The Balmoral™ will ensure that the community stays connected and can access all areas more easily via a sustainable, sound structure that will enhance the beauty of the area for years to come.