Fairwater Park was an old golf course in the Western Sydney suburb of Blacktown. Developer Australand (now Frasers Property) saw the opportunity to convert this underutilised site into a new, sustainable housing development. The concept behind this new estate was to create a place where residents could enjoy an outdoor lifestyle within close proximity to water.

The proposed design took advantage of the natural assets of the area and created opportunities for residents to explore their local space through a series of boardwalks, bridges, pathways and viewing platforms.

Landscape architects McGregor Coxall engaged Fleetwood to create multiple boardwalks, viewing platforms and a pedestrian bridge. Having worked with us before, they were confident that our DesignExecute approach would make their vision a reality – and meet the client’s budget.

To meet the landscape architect’s specifications, we customised our standard boardwalk system by making small modifications such as a custom-designed handrail. This versatile boardwalk system was then used across the entire Estate.
Fleetwood was also responsible for delivering other key elements of the design including viewing platforms and a pedestrian bridge.

The two main challenges associated with this project were:

  • Maintaining the client’s budget – central to meeting the budget was the use of our standard boardwalk designs while still allowing for customisation.
  • Access to the site to build our boardwalk systems was difficult due to the wet environment.

In this early stage, we worked closely with McGregor Coxall to work through ideas on how to use our knowledge and products to achieve the goals of the design. Together we sketched out an abstract plan for how the theme of engaging with the water could be achieved.

A series of simple drawings were created to assist the landscape architect and developer to visualise the ideas we had developed together. We clarified our approach to the project implementation and make recommendations on materials. We made a more accurate budget plan to check that we were on track before moving onto the next, more detailed stage.

At this stage we combined all sketches, thoughts and knowledge gained from our collaboration to date. We detailed a fully certified design. We continued to communicate regularly with the landscape architect and developer to ensure they were happy with the project’s progress.

Our expert team manufactured all of the structures in our ISO 9001 certified manufacturing facility. Each structural element was partially pre-assembled to ensure that the time spent on site by the team was as streamlined and as efficient as possible.

Having already pre-assembled the boardwalk components, the structures fitted together seamlessly. Our site crews worked closely with landscape contractor Perfection Landscapes to ensure that the entire project was delivered on time, on budget and exceeded the expectations of our clients.

Upon completion of the project, a systematic debrief was held to ensure that the clients’ needs were met and valuable feedback was captured. This is a valuable learning stage for the Fleetwood team, and helps cement positive relationships.

The Fairwater Estate is considered by the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) to be one of the country's “most progressive environmentally friendly developments”. Our participation in the project to help residents enjoy their environment was successfully delivered, meeting the vision of both the landscape architect and the developer. And to the delight of the client, we delivered the project on-time and on budget.

We continue to work with Frasers Property and McGregor Coxall on other projects based on the success of our DesignExecute™ approach.