Evergreen Waters is setting a new bench mark for community living just 9 minutes from the centre of Bendigo, Victoria. With communal open space making up 12% of the 700 lot housing development, Simmonds Developments and Spiire, Landscape and Urban Designers chose Fleetwood Urban for the landscape structures to transform the recreational areas at the Estate.

Fleetwood’s award winning projects have built our reputation for being sensitive to the environment, while sustainability and functionality is a hallmark in all our work. Designing for a project, that is meeting the UDIA EnviroDevelopment™ standard is a great opportunity and guarantees that the development is environmentally friendly.

Following an intensive consultative process that considered all aspects of the design and construction of a pedestrian bridge, shelter and viewing deck we felt the project was perfect for the registered DesignExecute® process that guarantees quality outcomes for our clients. Our team at Fleetwood Urban has more than 350 years of combined experience and we have been a DesignExecute® company for some 30 years.

Historically, projects of this size involve numerous parties from design to construction. This can result in delays and cost blowouts. With Fleetwood Urban DesignExecute® the designated Project Director manages the project from design to execution which maximises efficiency and minimises cost risks.

Tim Buykx from Spiire, the project designers said, “I definitely like the idea of standard products, because it means for us as designers, we can choose a product & just say what we would like to modify. We don’t have to start from scratch.”

From concept to completion the project was kept on budget and on schedule without compromising visual appeal, functionality or the environment.

Our experienced team was able to take standard products and customise them to the individual needs of this project and the environmentally challenging site. This resulted in a cost effective and timely solution.

“I could not fault the quality of the product data I received.” Tim said.

The galvanised steel Balmoral™ bridge was predominantly pre-fabricated in modules in our product manufacturing facility before being installed on the foundations prepared on-site. The bridge and viewing deck conformed to Australian Standard 2156 walking track code, which makes sure the whole pathway is safe and practical for the families using it.

The hardwood decking on these structures conformed to the environmental requirements of the site, which means the area is protected and families can enjoy a quality product for years to come. To provide shelter from the weather, standard Targa™ shade shelters were customised to the client requirements and assembled and installed nearby.

With our registered DesignExecute™ process, variations to standard products were addressed by our Technical team. From designers to engineers, construction challenges were resolved and solutions implemented in a cost effective and constructive way without compromising aesthetic appeal.

At Fleetwood Urban, working together to transform new developments into functional, environmentally-friendly communities is a privilege.