In order to connect the Mundy Creek Pathway, a bridge was required across Captains Creek. With the requirement of a 35m single span pedestrian / cycle bridge our standard Longreach™ pedestrian bridge model was used.

This truss style bridge allowed for the single-span to be achieved as per council’s requirements. The bridge was situated on a relatively sensitive bank and therefore a careful footing evaluation was required to ensure a minimal impact on the ecosystem was achieved

At every stage of the Captains Creek Bridge project, Fleetwood Urban collaborated to ensure the design met the needs of the local community and was built to last. Our focus was to create a unique design that would suit the coastal environment but also ensure low maintenance and a long life.

The Captains Creek bridge project saved time and money for the council as it was purchased using the Local Buy contract. The Local Buy scheme is part of the Queensland government’s service that manages purchasing for local councils providing competitive prices and secure contracts with preferred suppliers.

As a key supplier to the local government sector, Fleetwood Urban is delighted that the collaboration with Townsville City Council has created a safer crossing for local school children and the community, with a stunning design naturally inspired by the landscape.