Also known as ‘The Meeting Place’, this architectural sculpture was designed by ASPECT Studios as part of a social experiment with the focus of encouraging participation and interaction between individuals using the Little Hunter Street laneway in the Sydney CBD. The colourful and unique design concept also further heightened the experience of walking through these urban surroundings.

This space was effectively created through the construction of 2 four metre high walls, made using fabric with an opacity which allowed for obscured views through to the existing building façades and the remaining unused parts of the laneway. At night the experience was further intensified as the beautifully lit fabric exposed the movement of people within the laneway.

As part of the social experiment, the installation forced it’s users to observe, acknowledge, communicate and negotiate their way through the sculpture, as it took on a curved structure which narrowed in the middle and thus increased the need for positive human contact amongst those using it.

Images courtesy of: ASPECT Studios / Florian Groehn.