Bunda Street sets the standard for pedestrian-friendly spaces in Canberra’s city centre. A shared space for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists, it was designed as a plaza, creating a lively forum for community events and festivals.

The project relied on successful collaboration between Fleetwood, landscape architects McGregor+Coxall, Hawkins Civil and GTA Consultants. Our role was to provide strong direction on both design and installation. We manufactured many important elements of the design including seating, lounges, parklets, deflector cells and bollards.

Using DesignExecute™, we were able to plan, manufacture and install the individual components of the project while still maintaining the integrity of the original design.

The Shareway was designed by landscape architects McGregor+Coxall to fit in with the current infrastructure. Fleetwood was involved early in the design process to help develop their ideas into a full working prototype. Having checked and tested the
scheme, we were engaged to work alongside the landscape contractor and civil contractor to complete the manufacture and installation of the various components of the project.

Working closely with the civil contractor Hawkins Civil, and with an eye to accuracy, we overcame the challenges of drafting and constructing each of the complex design elements. Every single piece of material used had to be individually crafted to ease placement onto existing road levels and slopes. Our team produced an extraordinary amount of shop drawings, for all of the purpose-designed parts.

We used a combination of raw Spotted Gum and thick chequer plate steel to produce bespoke street furniture according to the McGregor+Coxall design. Our carpenters carefully fitted each piece in our assembly facility before being sent to site for installation.

Using precision laser cutters, our team of experienced boiler makers working at our main manufacturing facility, collated the parts, then, assembled and trial-fitted all components before the assemblies went on to our team of welders. We believe that good planning leads directly to exceptional liveable spaces for people to enjoy. A winner of the Planning Institute of Australia’s (PIA) Award for Planning Excellence, the Bunda Street Shareway project is an example of a collaborative planning process that has positively transformed part of Canberra’s CBD.

Shane Rattenbury, Minister for Territory and Municipal Services, commended the project for taking out the award saying, “This
award is great recognition for the Bunda Street Shareway project which is designed to increase the vitality of the area while encouraging pedestrian and cyclist activity.”