Sydneysiders love being close to their harbour. The new Barangaroo Headland Cove Reserve is of great cultural significance, re-creating a naturalistic cove from an area previously filled in for maritime docklands for over a century.


  • Incorporate the boardwalk promenade, public deck, jetty and pontoon into the overall project design
  • Assist in the selection of the most appropriate materials that blended harmoniously with other materials used in the Parkland
  • Meticulous construction detailing to complement the design intent
  • Construct safely in a marine environment


Fleetwood Urban’s task was to turn designer vision into reality.

Working in close collaboration with prominent US landscape architect Peter Walker and local landscape architects Johnson Pilton Walker, we created the Foreshore's boardwalk promenade, public deck, jetty and pontoon, transforming a former industrial waterfront site into a welcoming place for general community activities and recreation.

OUR APPROACH (The DesignExecute™ Model)

Step 1 - Inspire: Our DesignExecute™ Model involved us working with the designers from very early in the concept phase right through to the successful completion of the project. The brief was for a robust, masculine and honest design principle comprising native timber and painted steel which nevertheless blended in with other project materials.

Step 2 - Visualise: Helping the designers to visualise how the final product would come to life, the Fleetwood technical design team and structure engineering experts helped overcome design challenges early, providing accurate budget and timing estimates. We are especially proud of our work developing the concealed fixing method for the handrail to create a “floating” aesthetic and the sleek, clean detailing in the deck boards which contributed to the overall design flair.

Step 3 – Detail: The drafting and detailing team, having been involved in the project right from the start, had a clear vision of the overall project and the desired outcomes. Following accurate surveying, detailed sectional drawings were produced for fabrication. All of our processes follow a complete internal quality system, aligned to ISO9001.

Step 4 – In-House: This stage of the project started in-house with substructure frames fabricated in our ISO 9001 accredited workshop before being sent for painting. Timber kerbs were cut to final size and detailed in our workshop prior to delivery to the site. Full engineering drawings were produced, pontoon and jetty works were underway and agreement was confirmed between all parties on bracket and piling detailing.

Step 5 – On-Site: Installation at the harbour site was not without its challenges. With multiple site teams of our own working alongside many other trades it was a busy worksite, with the added challenge of being on the water’s edge. Anothe raspect at this stage was the coordination and driving of the piles for the Pontoon, carried out by a rig mounted on a barge inside the coove itself. Nevertheless, safety was always top of mind and successfully maintained at all times.

Step 6 - Debrief: As with every Fleetwood project, a thorough client handover took place at job’s end. Our commitment to customer satisfaction means our client has the opportunity to discuss all aspects of the project, giving us the chance to learn and improve.


The outcome? Well, by looking back at the initial project Key Challenges, we were presented with, the project has been resolved successfully. For example:

  • We successfully and seamlessly worked with PWP and the Lend Lease delivery team, to incorporate the boardwalk promenade, public deck, jetty and pontoon into the overall project design
  • We assisted in the selection of the most appropriate materials that blended harmoniously with other materials used in the Parkland, using samples, weathering examples, alterntaive finishing and protection examples and advice
  • There is no doubt that the finished detail on site complements the original design intent, and
  • Zero harm to all personnel

The end product has created a wide generous waterfront promenade with access points to the harbour.

The aspects of the park that Fleetwood have built are intended to attract people to the water’s edge, engaging them and inviting them back time and time again.

We’re glad to be part of this visionary legacy project.