When the Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority (SHFA) acquired Caltex’s Ballast Point refinery, on Sydney Harbour, it had a vision in mind: To transform the 2.6 hectare industrial site into a panoramic public leisure location.

The vision for the project was to retain the industrial aesthetic of the landmark site – and many of the original materials - while at the same time making it a beautiful destination, complete with walking paths, access for cyclists and green picnic spots with stunning views to the city and Harbour Bridge.

Fleetwood was contracted to supply and install the iconic Tank 101, as well as the riparian zone crossings, grass forming rings, seawall decking and harbour access.

Tank 101 is a complex structure representing the site’s original oil tank, which was used by barge captains as a navigation landmark. To reinvent the tank, we created structural steel sections painted in Micaceous Iron Oxide (MIO), and a steel plate screen recycled from the original tank. We revived the plates, and water-cut them so that each formed a letter from a Les Murray poem specifically written for the project. Wind turbines were also fitted to the structure to generate ‘green’ power for the site.

Throughout the project, we worked closely with all stakeholders, including the landscape architect and SHFA, and successfully delivered everything specified in the design scope and the $800,000 budget for our portion of the works.

The Ballast Point Park project featured in our TVC - Naturally Inspired™ The Photographer.