The brilliant new estate of Atherstone is yet another vibrant new community centralised around healthy living, and at its centre sits the Bridge Road Regional Playspace.

This thrilling adventure playground was opened in late 2016 and has been designed by ASPECT Studios to cater for children of all ages. The playground consists of many exciting features including: a flying fox and trampolines, natural play elements such as a sensory garden and water channel, custom play elements such as monkey bars and climbing structures and picnic facilities.

A main feature of this playground is the large elevated walkway which gives parents and children alike with an elevated view over the park and provides a unique access solution across the park. To make optimal use of this structure and the space around, play elements such as monkey bars, rock climbing walls and fireman poles are incorporated along the walkway.

The second element is a customised Public Restroom. This restroom houses a disabled and two ambulant cubicles ensuring that it caters for all needs and abilities amongst the new community.

The final element comprises of 2 bespoke picnic shelters giving the parents a 'refuge' while the children play. This final feature ensures this regional playspace can be enjoyed by all members of the family!