Nationally famous and historic, Lake Burley Griffin in the center of Canberra is one of Australia's more recognised icons. The spectacular artificial lake's parkland surrounds and central location have made it popular with recreational users, and several buildings of national importance have been built on its shores, while parliament house is only a short distance away.

To make this feature even more iconic and cherished, over two years ago, a major waterfront project called 'City To The Lake' was initiated. The first stage of development in the West Basin of the lake - the creation of Henry Rolland park and 150 meters of boardwalk connecting the park to the lake, is now complete. Fleetwood Urban delivered several key elements of the design, including:

  • A section of boardwalk reaching out into the lake, featuring a brass plated stainless steel balustrade
  • a pontoon platform at the end of this boardwalk
  • brass plated public seating

This project was awarded a Civil Contractors Federation Earth Award for the best civil construction project between $5-$10 million in the ACT and surrounding region in 2017/18. This project successfully combined complex engineering design, high profile materials and a powerful design vision.