Release: 1 September 2017

Councils and other government bodies continually strive to bring the best for the people with some of the biggest & best parks in Australia designed by Architects in the government sector.

It was therefore with great honour that we were able to partner with AILA and join nearly 100 attendees for the 6th Annual combined conference of Local Government Landscape Design Forum (LGLDF) and AILA members.

The day started with a walk through the spectacular Bungarribee superpark and brief talks on different features of the shelters, play items and the iconic 'Treehouse'.

Standing at 14.5m high, over 22m long and featuring exotically painted Facadé panels and four stainless steel slides, this remarkable structure adds significant feature to the park!

Building upon the design by JMD, our team worked with the architect and engineer to finalise the design, manufacture and delivery of the treehouse to seamlessly bring the highly detailed, bespoke structure to life.

The next stop was at the Wylde Mountain Bike trail with it's unique and structurally complex shelters & amenities building designed by GroupGSA, and engineered and built by Fleetwood.

The final stop was at Plough & Harrow playspace & the day was wrapped up. The session, facilitated by AILA proved highly valuable to all attendees.