Release: 26 May 2017

This unique and vibrant plaza is a great welcoming to the City of Fairfield. The Crescent Plaza located directly opposite the Fairfield Railway Station has brightened up the face of the community at Fairfield.

It is a modern, contemporary design and will be the perfect venue for activities and simple day to day enjoyment by the community. Fleetwood were privileged to be awarded with the design and construction phases of this project.

Fleetwood Urban worked alongside Fairfield Council to help with developing and delivering this unique plaza in the heart of Fairfield Town Centre. Fleetwood were honoured to be awarded with several furniture aspects of this project. This development provides a high quality, contemporary urban space celebrating the area’s character and history.

Crescent Plaza increases pedestrian connectivity throughout the town and provides an adaptable space for public gatherings which is both comfortable and visually stimulating.

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