Thanks to our close ties and excellent delivery on the first stage of the Bondi Beach Picnic Shelters – Fleetwood Urban were again selected to deliver another two award winning shelters in this iconic location.

With pleasure we announce that this beautiful award winning design of these seven bespoke shelters won the 2017 NSW Architect (Small Project) Award. This spectacular project and its achievements yet again demonstrates the brilliant work Fleetwood Urban are capable of fulfilling and also completing works in iconic locations, such as the famous Bondi Beach.

These shelters can be used for picnicking and relaxing. They provide shade and respite from all kinds of weather; from heat, wind, rain or cold and the open plan will provide great views of the park, beach and pavilion. The unique form reflects the character of the area and makes these shelters recognisable and special for Bondi.

The key principles that guided the design of the shelters are:
• To provide shade and respite from weather
• To be of high quality
• Utilise durable and sustainable materials and construction detailing
• Retain views of and to the park, beach and pavilion
• Offer flexibility for large and small groups
• Work with the natural slope
• Lower vandalism opportunities
• Good surveillance

Delivering beach front shelters mean that they must be both visually appealing and yet very durable and corrosion resistant, Fleetwood have succesfully risen to these challenges at Bondi, and acheived an inspiring outcome.