Fleetwood has a vision to provide business skills training to those practising landscape architecture, throughout Australia. These skills are often overlooked in the industry yet are equally, if not more essential to ensure a successful career. Endorsed by many well known architects around Australia and providing registered CPD points, these events aim to complete your career masterplan!

Above: The Learning Sessions Series 1 - Presentation Skills for Landscape Architects (Sydney)

"This event was very well organised, useful and informative . with the information and skills demonstrated I would consider further formal training in presentation skills. I thoroughly enjoyed the event"

"My colleagues and I really enjoyed learning about something so common to our profession yet so widely misunderstood. Was a great talk with many simple ideas that can be taken into business and everyday life"

"Fleetwood, went above and beyond to present a inspirational speaker to our Landscape Architecture team. I felt everyone took something away from the night"

"The first session was empowering. The speaker was very engaging and I walked away feeling I had new skills and tools I could implement the next day"

"Great presentation where we had the opportunity to learn and implement different techniques when public speaking. This was confidence building and provided us with various skills around managing clients and audiences"

"A very well organised event with great opportunity to network with industry colleagues whilst learning new things in a relaxed environment"

"Fleetwood's Learning Sessions offer real, practical support for people in the industry. Often these topics are not covered in industry- run events. I think they're filling a real need for landscape architects"

"Great reminder for LAs that delivery is essential. Very informative and practical with clear techniques and strategies offered"