This is our Design Studio & Material Selection Centre, located inside the Cooperage (Jacksons Landing, Pyrmont). We occupy studios 207 and 208.

Our design team is involved daily on many bespoke projects, from very small boutique pieces to multi-million dollar installations. We take a principal design leadership role on many projects. We collaborate with landscape architects, urban designers and artists because we are deeply committed to beautiful design.

We bring the most value to projects when incorporated during feasibility and concept because we'll prototype materiality and construction techniques very early in the process to ensure the design aspirations can be achieved. Once the design is agreed we manufacture, deliver and install our projects. We care about maintaining the initial design intent and therefore always follow projects to the end to ensure the highest quality is delivered

Our studio is also the home of Public Art Lab, an emerging place for public artists to come and collaborate with the engineering and manufacturing teams that realise the Public Art and Sculptures.

A bit about the Cooperage: This four-story commercial office block is adaptively reused and the work was completed in 2006. The exterior was redesigned by heritage architect Howard Tanner, and the interior design by Form Follows Function. The original Cooperage building was built for CSR as a specialist workshop to manufacture these barrels. The structure remains intact, and significant pieces of machinery are exhibited to display the Cooperage’s heritage. A viewing gallery around the barrel hoist and equipment in the foyer allows visitors to see how the barrels were moved between floors.