The background

We have been working with landscape architects, urban designers and community developers for well over 20 years now, and have been watching the industry and practice evolve. We have become an engineering consultancy firm knowledge-rich in the delivery of architecturally significant and structurally complex landscape structures.
Over the last couple of years we have realised that all too often there is a distinct gap between the:

  • Architectural intent,
  • Engineering functionality, and
  • Finished product on site

The pain points

We started by speaking to thought leaders in the industry and heard about their specific pain points. Architects, designers and developers were experiencing the following in particular:

  • The budgets they were working to at documentation stage, being unachievable at construction stage
  • Their elegant refined landscape structure being turned into a heavy structural element by the engineer
  • Their design vision just not being able to be built on site due to construction restraints unforeseen at design stage
  • Wasted time and money from excess design iterations
  • Shortage of actual ‘boots-on-the-ground’ construction knowledge within the project design team
  • Frustration from dealing with multiple teams across the engineering, manufacturing and installation (ultimately leading to finger pointing when an issue arises)
  • It was clear that a delivery model was needed which removed the gaps from concept to completion.

The resolution

As a result of our research, we created a 6 step delivery model called DesignExecute®, which resolves the pain points by achieving the following 4 things:

  • Consistently accurate cost forecasts from master-plan stage forward
  • Assurance that your design aesthetic is structurally viable
  • Make our clients design time quicker, more profitable and the outputs more reliable
  • Provide our clients with 1 team that carries out all functions, from conceptual engineering, through to completion on site

We have put the model into practice already with a number of leading landscape architects, urban designers and community developers and already are making it easy for our clients to achieve outstanding results.