“Fleetwood design from the inside out. Working with them as a design consultant and their model DesignExecute™, it’s a much more intuitive process. We get instant feedback on whether something is achievable, if it’s going to meet budget, and 3) if it doesn’t fit our cost plan, Fleetwood are fantastic at coming up with alternatives that fit our design intent. They know how we think, they know the product we want and they give us alternatives that we are happy with. We know that they understand the design intent from Day 1" Sacha Coles, Director, ASPECT Studios

"When we’re working in with complex structures, DesignExecute™ is a really great resource for us to be able to tap into because we get direct feedback from the guys who will be engineering and building the project. When we start beginning our work, we start modelling in 3D, we start testing ideas, we can get some immediate response in terms of helping the client establish a budget for the project, getting some efficiency in design and construction so that we can use less material and be really effective with the outcome. So for us, DesignExecute™ process at an early stage enables us to get better, more efficient outcomes that cost less but deliver great solutions for the client" Adrian McGregor, Managing Director, McGregor + Coxall

"Some of the common pitfalls that the DesignExecute™ model takes out I believe, are first and foremost quality assurance from design phase through to fabrication and construction. Quite often we’ve seen in the past that we’ve had a design vision that is not transferred through the entire process and I believe that the DesignExecute™ model has ensured that has happened. The DesignExecute™ model was critical for this project. We needed to ensure that the design tolerances for the sewer infrastructure were met and were a part of the complete package from design through to the fabrication methodology and ultimately to the deliver on site. In this instance, and the scale of the project, it was most certainly a requirement on this project." Matt York, Principle, Landscape Architecture and Urban Design, Spiire